Euro So Cap Hair Extensions: How they Work at Fortelli Oakville

Euro So Cap Hair Extensions: How they Work at Fortelli Oakville

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Have short hair and want to add instant length? Or have thin fine hair and want to add more volume? Adding hair extensions may be just what you need to achieve the overall hairstyle you desire.

1. So what are Euro So Cap Fusion Hair Extensions?  

There have been many different types of hair extensions over the years however, there haven’t been any that after removal have given us our natural hair back as it was prior to application.  Finally there are ones that are great for your hair, long lasting, and completely natural looking that no one will even know you paid us a visit to have them put it. These are the fusion hair extensions made by Euro So Cap. They are bonded into your hair and can last up to 4-6 months.

Fusion is real human hair strands of remy extensions bonded onto the hair. They can be applied  by two different procedures, hot or cold fusion. Fusion human hair extensions can be manipulated like the average persons hair to help enhance the overall look. We believe if you don’t take care of them like you would take care of your own hair that’s where it could be harmful because extensions need more of your attention.

2. The Consultation 

It’s important to come in and visit a Fortelli stylist in order to have a consultation prior to the application. Not everyone is a good candidate for hair extensions and your extension specialist will need to determine whether this service is good for you and your hair. There is also the importance of maintenance and if you will have the time to take care of them once you leave the salon.
Since Fortelli sells Fusion hair extensions you can have a consultation and have them put in the same day, or within a few days, depending on your extension specialist’s schedule. Fortelli salon and spa offers all colours and lengths of Euro So Cap extensions and can offer you a variety of options. You tell us what you would like and we’ll do our best to provide you with the best results.

3. Hair prep prior to your Appointment 

We ask the client to arrive with washed hair but to not use conditioner or apply any product and to blow dry their hair straight. This provides your stylist with a blank canvas to work with. Also, it will help the extensions to adhere better to the hair. We can also provide you with this hair preparation service to help make sure your hair is in perfect condition to apply the extensions to.

4. The Application

Euro So Cap hair extensions can be applied in two different processes hot fusion or cold fusion. Hot fusion is the most popular procedure and is done with a hot gun that heats up the Bond and adheres the strands of hair to the hair of the client. Or they can be applied with the cold fusion process which is done with a ultra sound gun that sends ultrasound waves to produce a cold procedure to help attach the bond of hair to the hair of the client.

5. Up keep and Fortelli’s Recommended Hair care  

Here at Fortelli we make sure every client goes home with an extension paddle brush which is mandatory to all clients getting extensions. This helps keep the state of the extensions in good condition. It also helps keep them soft, shiny and will help prevent tangles when they start to grow out. We too highly recommend our clients to purchase our Davines moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as part of their at home hair care treatment. This will help keep the extensions soft and shiny so they don’t become dry and tangled during the styling process.

6. Long Lasting? Ok, so how long do they last?

Hair extensions can last anywhere between 4 to 6 months depending on how they are taken care of and on how the procedure is done. The client that has the hot fusion procedure their extensions tend to last longer because it is attached more onto the hair so it doesn’t loosen up or fall as fast.

With the client that has the cold fusion procedure their extensions tend not to last as long. This also depends on the client because with the ultrasound waves the bonds aren’t attached as strong. This is  because it’s used more for the client with fragile/ fine hair which only lasts about 3-4 months.

7. The Removal

When you decide you would like to remove your extensions the best thing to do is to make an appointment with your extension specialist. This way they be removed professionally and by the same person who applied them orginally. With that service the extensions are broken down individually with extension remover and are removed from the strand of hair that it is attached to.

Still not sure if hair extensions are for you? Still have more questions? If so, please feel free to contact us at 905-847-0706 to speak with one of our salon coordinators who would be happy to assist you.