Sugaring: Hair Removal Has Never Been So Sweet!

Sugaring: Hair Removal Has Never Been So Sweet!

More men and women are looking for hair removal solutions that go beyond the razor.  Fortelli Salon and Spa has been offering waxing and IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) hair removal services, but we are proud to add a new service to our day spa:  This new hair removal method is called ‘sugaring’ and we think you will find it is pretty sweet!

Oakville spaWhile this is a new service we bring to our clients in Oakville, the actual process has been around for centuries throughout Greece, Northern Africa and the Middle East. The treatment is simple: a gel is applied to the skin to gently pull hair out of the roots. A combination of sugar, lemon and hot water was traditionally used to remove hair follicles from the root. We use Alexandria Professional Sugaring Formulas for maximum effect.  These formulas are 100% natural and hygienic, with no chemical additives. This special paste seeps into hair follicles so they slide out more easily.

Fortelli Spa always picks the best products available in order to get the best results for our clients.  The Alexandria Professional sugar pastes contain no chemical additives, wax resins, laurel sulphates, petro or urea. The products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and not tested on animals.

Sugaring is less painful than other hair removal methods since it does not pull the skin.  The sugar gel sticks to the hair – not to the skin – so even sensitive areas can be treated.  Hair must be 2mm or longer for this to work. It is important to ensure the area you are treating isn’t oily.  It is also best if skin is exfoliated before the treatment.  We recommend you avoid exfoliation, strenuous physical activity and hot water for 48 hours after treatment.

Clean up after treatment is easy as the sugar pastes are 100% water-soluble.  There eliminates possible damage to skin or to clothing.  Most people see an immediate improvement in hair diminishment or refinement after one or two treatments. Dead cells are also removed during the process so skin feels softer and smoother.

Hair removal sugaring works on all skin types and ages. With each treatment, you will notice that your hair is easier and easier to extract. This hair removal method is less painful than others and less likely to cause irritation.  Book your appointment with Fortelli’s Salon and Spa to see how incredible sugaring is – super sweet without calories!