Day Spa – Hair Removal Services

waxing IPL hair removalFortelli Salon and Spa offers hair removal services in our Oakville location.  Choose from IPL laser hair removal or waxing.  Enjoy the serenity and privacy of our treatment rooms while our highly trained staff remove unwanted facial or body hair.

Waxing Salon

Fortelli’s uses premium quality wax and precision application techniques. From eyebrows to brazilian waxes, you can chose one or multiple areas for hair removal.  Let our experienced and trained hair removal technicians get you the smooth skin you want. See our full hair waxing menu on our spa menu page.

Laser Hair Removal

hair removal salonIPL Hair Reduction’s intense Pulse Light uses light to target the melanin in hair while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. IPL is able to safely, effectively and permanently reduce hair growth with little to no downtime.

The unique cooling mechanism allows the hair to heat up, disabling hair growth, while cooling the surrounding skin, making the procedure nearly painless. The effects of hair reduction through IPL are much longer lasting than shaving or waxing.

All treatments must be done in a 2 week span in order to catch the hairs at the optimal growth period. Treatments range from 7-10 sessions per service. All prices are per session.

Consultation included prior to treatments.

Hair removal services for men are available in our Fortelli for Men location.  Contact us to set up an appointment or for questions.  Gift cards are available.