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Fortelli’s of Oakville is proud to offer premium skin care services as detailed below in our Medi spa menu:

Medi Spa Services

Oxygen Infusion Facial $150

Our oxygen infusion facial is a non-invasive treatment that targets the skins needs. The perfect, natural alternative to an injection. From hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, firming to brightening a dull complexion, this treatment will dramatically overhaul your skin.

IPL Hair Reduction Therapymedi spa treatments Oakville

 Suitable for any body area, from bikini and upper lip to larger areas such as legs, back, and arms. Consultation are required to determine pricing and to see if treatments are suitable for you.

Pricing by consultation only. Save when you purchase a series of treatments.



IPL Acneic Skin and Scaring $150

This treatment simultaneously treats acneic and scarred skin. Focusing on the removal of bacteria we are able to minimize enlarged pores to give skin a great refined texture.

IPL Fine Lines and Wrinkles $150
We are able to treat fine lines and wrinkles while rejuvenating the skin. We recommend using our renewing skin care products for best results following this treatment.

IPL Veins and Pigmentation $150
We can treat a range of vascular lesions, telangiectasia, erythema and broken capillaries, as well as superficial
pigmentation, dyschronia, solar lentigo, pigmentation and melasma.


Microdermabrasion Treatment $125
Using our micro controlled peeling machine, our spa technicians will remove epidermal cells to treat a vast range of skin imperfections. It is especially effective for skin aging and deep exfoliation. It is a powerful mechanism to produce healthy epidermal tissue growth, improving the skin’s tone and elasticity.

*Add with a signature facial $150
*Purchase 3, get 1 FREE


Medi Spa Services

Microblading $550 (Includes Touch-up)
Semi-permanent brows that can last up to 12 months by creating fine, crisp, natural looking hair strokes. This service is perfect for defining existing brows or creating entirely new ones.

The procedure takes approximately 2.5 hours which includes a consultation, shaping of the eyebrow where we will discuss thickness, shape and realistic expectations.

This price includes your initial application and the obligatory 4 week touch up post treatment.

A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking. Please allow 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This will allow for your deposit to be considered towards your payment. Corrections of previous work from other artists are not available at this time.

Colour Refreshing Post Treatment $100

This price will be considered for existing clients ONLY and is available at this price for up to one year after your 4 week touch up is complete. If you had your procedure done elsewhere and need to be touched up, it will be considered a new procedure and the price will reflect the initial cost of the treatment.

If your touch up requires reshaping instead of going over existing strokes, it will not be considered a touch up and regular pricing will apply.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. Pigment is applied into the surface layer of the dermis using single use sterilized tools and pigments that are produced in accordance with the highest standards. The expected result is crisp realistic lines that mieyebrow microblade salonmic natural eyebrow hairs. This style of tattooing can last up to 1 year. You will require an obligatory touchup session 4 weeks following your initial appointment. The cost of this touch up is included in our Microblading price.

Colour duration primarily depends on how oily the skin is. The oilier the skin, the shorter the colour will last. Sweating and sun exposure can also reduce colour fastness. It will be important to avoid such activities during the healing process.

Healing is fully completed after 28 days of your follow up appointment. Your post treatment will be discussed at your first visit and will make up 70% of the treatments success. It will be extremely important to follow these guidelines during the healing process.

Pain during the treatment is relative. Topical anesthetic will be used during the treatment to help ease and discomfort.  Please avoid the use of Advil, Caffeine and Alcohol 48 hours prior to each appointment.


A thorough consultation will be provided on the day of your appointment where we will discuss any health restrictions, your desired results, shaping and any other questions you may have.

Although we do not require you to schedule a separate consultation prior to your appointment, please feel free to do so if you would like more information. Consultations are always free and we are here to answer any of your concerns or questions.

Cancelation Policy:

We understand that situations arise and you may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. As a consideration to our schedule, other guests and the time it takes to provide you with a great experience, please arrive on time. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we require 48 hours notice.

Last minute cancellations and no shows will not be rescheduled and your deposit will be forfeited.  We may ask that you reschedule your appointment for another day if you are more than 15 min late and you will be required to pay the missed appointment fee which is 50% of the service price.

Please consider traffic and other factors to give yourself enough time. We want your experience to be stress free so we can provide you with the best care possible and so this requires the full time that you are scheduled for.  Great eyebrows cannot be rushed!

Contact Fortelli’s for further information or to book a medi spa treatment in Oakville.  Our estheticians are happy to answer any questions regarding medi-spa treatments. Medi Spa menu prices are subject to change.