Body Treatments

Body Treatments

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Fortelli Salon and Spa would like to help you feel your best this summer season. We offer several treatments that assist in tightening, toning, and ridding the body of fatty deposits, so you can feel and look you best!

Our body treatments provide relaxation and guaranteed results from head to toe! The products are massaged into the skin and a shower is provided in our treatment room giving you a clean, private environment.

Body Exfoliation 

Promotes healthier looking skin using mineral salts. The skin is lightly buffed and luxurious oils and creams are used, leaving your skin feeling soft and brand new! We recommend the body exfoliation treatment before a spray tan for longer lasting results, and a better tan!

Draining Treatment  

The draining treatment works to rid the body of excess fluid leaving you feeling lighter. This treatment works as a detox removing toxins from the body. The products for this treatment are fast acting and leaves your skin feeling soft.

Reducing Treatment 

with Active body care products and techniques, this treatment will breakdown soft cellulite and get rid of water retention in the body.

Slimming Treatment

Our luxurious and active serum fights cellulite, discouraging it to form while stimulating the collagen and elastin of your skin. you will leave feeling younger and rejuvenated!

Back Treatment

Bringing Clarity and pureness to the skin, extractions are done to detoxify the back area. A specific mask is applied moisturizing the skin on your back to feeling clean and refreshed.