Oakville Medi-Spa Treatments

Oakville Medi-Spa Treatments

spa skin productsFortelli is proud to offer a Medi-Spa Menu at our Oakville location.  Our Medi-Spa services include premium skin care services, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, microdermabrasion and our newest service – microblading!

At Fortelli Salon and Spa, we are constantly updating our skills in order to keep up with the newest and best treatments for our clients.  Our technologically advanced services include our photo facials using Intense Pulsed Light or IPL.  We feature a facial to treat fine lines and wrinkles, another for acne skin and scaring, and a third for veins and pigmentation.  Our spa staff can help you determine the best treatment – whether you have broken capillaries or enlarged pores, our photo facials can help improve the appearance of your skin.

This advanced laser technology is also available for hair reduction.  From legs to the upper lip, Intense Pulsed Light treatments can help reduce hair or remove it altogether with regular treatments.

Fortelli also offers microdermabrasion treatments in our Oakville day spa.  Our micro controlled peeling machine can treat a wide range of skin imperfections. The microdermabrasion treatment promotes healthy epidermal tissue growth.  The resulting improvement in the skin’s tone and elasticity helps reduce the signs of aging.

Looking for an alternative to injections?  Our Oxygen Infusion Facial will dramatically overhaul your skin by providing hydration, brightening a dull complexion and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

microblade salon spaEyebrows have never been more in vogue!  Unfortunately, not everyone has naturally great brows.  Creating a natural looking brow with crisp lines can be difficult.  Microblading is a procedure that takes about 2.5 hours but can last up to a year.  These semi-permanent brows are created with pigment applied into the surface layer of the skin.  The result is realistic lines that mimic natural eyebrow hairs to define or create the look you want.

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