curl treatments permanentsCurl Treatments (Perms)

Our highly trained technicians use the best hair products available to create a soft, natural curl treatment for your unique style.  You can have soft waves to tight-knit ringlets.  Enjoy have long lasting curls created by our highly trained stylists.

The staff at Fortelli’s can modernize iconic styles of the past to give you an updated look that is chic and fresh.  We use only the highest quality hair products for our perms – straightening services.

Long lasting natural curls can be yours! Consultations are available to discuss your conceptual ideas.

We turn your vision into reality with prices starting at $200.

Hair Straightening

hair color salon oakvilleFortelli offers unique hair straightening services which alter the pattern of your naturally curly or wavy hair. Choose from our flexible options: from permanently straightening your hair to simply managing your curls.

Prices for hair straightening are available upon consultation.

Agave Smoothing Treatment

Agave brings magical hair smoothing properties with its natural hydrating benefits. Sugar molecules in the Agave plant trap water molecule into the hair shaft and bind them for long lasting hydration and extra internal strength.

Agave transforms hair from feeling rough and frizzy into very soft and smooth hair
Twice as smooth, 100% safe (formaldehyde free) Meets all U.S., Canadian, and European standards Eliminates up to 100% of frizz and volume and reduces curl retention up to 80% Lasts up to twelve weeks.

Process takes anywhere from 2-3 hours and starts at $300.