The LLOYD ALFARO Brow Bar at Fortelli

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Eyebrows are what seem to be on the tip of everyone’s lips these days in the beauty industry. Whether the trend is thin, thick, or bushy, everyone wants to have eyebrows that are either “on point” or shall we say, … Read More

Fortelli Oakville says The New “it” Mani is the The Zoya Naked Mani

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Who are we kidding? Every woman loves applying nail polish. Some even love a little bio gel or shellac from time to time. With the array of possibilities to enhance your overall nail appearance and with a nail polish colour … Read More

Body Treatments

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Fortelli Salon and Spa would like to help you feel your best this summer season. We offer several treatments that assist in tightening, toning, and ridding the body of fatty deposits, so you can feel and look you best! Our … Read More