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Best Spas in the United States

The Best Spa in the U.S. is the newest, hippest retreat. The new Japanese-inspired resort has 13 luxurious rooms. With its focus on holistic health, Shou Sugi received top marks for the experience and intimacy it provides. The spa offers infrared saunas, steam rooms, ice fountains, plunge pools, and yoga classes. The treatments are a blend of traditional Asian massage, shiatsu massage, and Ayurvedic treatments.

Best spa

One of the best spas in the world is the Peninsula New York. The Spa at the Peninsula sits high above Midtown Manhattan, yet is secluded. You can stay the night or have a day of rejuvenating treatments. The ambiance at the Peninsula is a great match for a relaxing day at the spa. There are several different massage services offered at the Peninsula, from Swedish to deep tissue. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the service is second to none.

The Lodge at Woodloch is a Pennsylvania spa. Guests can choose from a variety of activities. The instructors at the Lodge at Woodloch are highly trained and experienced in their respective disciplines. Many guests report staying there 15 times or more. In addition to the Lodge at the Woodloch, the Best Spa in the U.S. features Shou Sugi Ban House, which features a wide range of health and wellness services. While a more expensive option, the Lodge at a Woodloch spa is a great choice for a day in the country.

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