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Best Spas in the Country

Best spa

Jimmy Dawson, a former aircraft maintenance mechanical engineer, has become a massage maintenance enthusiast. Dawson believes that our bodies are the most complex machines, and no country in the world will be able to reproduce every part of it. As a result, Jimmy Dawson founded Best Spa in 2013, a place dedicated to promoting the health benefits of massage. He has received numerous accolades and effusive reviews. The spa offers a variety of facials, several types of massages, and Reiki balancing treatments to restore natural energy flow.

The Fairmont Grand Del Mar Spa is one of only 25 five-star spas in the world, and its amenities include therapeutic massages, deep-cleansing facials, and indoor and outdoor whirlpools. During treatments, the spa uses a completely organic product line. Hollywood stars and exemplified Hollywood celebrities flock to The Ranch. The Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village’s spa includes a four-day cleanse program and vegetarian cuisine served in a greenhouse.

The Lodge at Woodloch in Pennsylvania is another top-rated wellness property, and its chefs have received top marks. The spa offers a wide range of bodywork treatments, and instructors are experts in their respective fields. Recent guests have reportedly visited the spa as often as 15 times. Another top wellness property in the country is Shou Sugi Ban House, in New York. The spa’s award-winning chefs are an added bonus, and the property also offers yoga and sound therapy.

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