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How to Find the Best Spa in Town

best spa in town

If you have a love for a particular spa, you can open your own. If you have a flair for creating a luxurious environment, there are many ways to open your own spa. If you love relaxing in a beautiful location, consider offering an experience that no other spa can offer. You may even find your perfect match by offering a unique treatment that no other spa offers. Here are some ways to find the best spa in town for you and your family.

Located 30 minutes outside downtown, Lake Austin is a spectacular bend in the river. While you’re there, take advantage of all of the amenities of the spa, including the restaurant. Most of the food is organically grown on the property. Guests can enjoy daily fitness classes and participate in water yoga in a barn-enclosed warm pool. You can also try paddle boarding or river-based workouts. In addition to massages and facials, this spa offers more than 100 different services. Whether you’re looking for a little luxury, or a total retreat, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

Pratima’s SoHo spa is a healing haven for the fashionable and eccentric. With a plush and dark interior, this tranquil sanctuary offers a calming and healing experience. Ayurvedic treatments are also available, including the Shirodhara body massage, which is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual of applying a warm herbal oil to the third eye. A Shirodhara body massage is known to calm the mind and restore peace of mind.

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