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How to Enhance Your Spa and Relaxation Experience

Taking time to relax and rejuvenate yourself is an essential part of the wellness process. Regular spa and relaxation trips help you overcome the stresses of daily life and ensure a healthier you. Choosing a calming scent is an important step in making yourself feel comfortable during your treatment. You can use essential oils, incense, and candles to distribute the calming scents in your spa. Be careful not to choose competing scents that could upset your sense of smell.

To create a calming environment in your spa, try to use natural materials, such as marble, wood, or seashells. Small decorative touches also foster the calming experience. Tara Cruz, senior spa director at Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, recommends neck stretches. She recommends holding these stretches for 30 seconds each. These techniques may be especially helpful if you suffer from depression. However, the benefits of spa days go beyond physical stress.

To enhance your spa and relaxation experience, follow the National Sleep Foundation’s tips for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Dimming the lights at night helps regulate the body’s clock. You may also try providing snacks to make your clients feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. You can also try using music that is soothing to the ears. If the noise from outside is too loud, you can play soft music and put on soothing music to drown out the noise.

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