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Relaxation at Le Petit Dru

spa and relaxation

Le Petit Dru is a luxurious spa dedicated to the pursuit of wellness and deep sensory experiences. Here, you can enjoy a thermal experience, facial care, a fish spa, and massages that promote relaxation. There, the barriers of a fast-paced lifestyle dissolve, and you can slow down and enjoy your time.

Relaxation is necessary for our bodies and minds to recover from stress. A hot, therapeutic bath, for example, can lower levels of cortisol, a hormone that contributes to feelings of anxiety and stress. Another treatment, known as a deep tissue massage, can relieve muscle tension and stress. The muscle relaxation, in turn, leads to a more relaxed mind.

Another popular spa treatment is kur, from German for “cure.” A kur is a series of spa treatments that involve mud baths, body wraps, and massages and can last anywhere from ten to twenty days. The kur can also include chromotherapy, where various colors are used for therapeutic purposes. The color yellow is thought to energize nerves and increase energy while blue is thought to soothe maladies.

While you’re at the spa, be aware of the hidden risks that many spa treatments carry. Many spa treatments can introduce bacteria that have no other source. The most common risk is for individuals with skin conditions. Microbes thrive in a hot, moist environment, and you’re likely to be exposed to these bacteria if you breathe in the steam while receiving a massage or facial.

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