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Finding the Best Spa in America

Best spa

Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or want to find the best spa for yourself, there are plenty of options to choose from. Many of them are located throughout the United States, making it easy to find the perfect place.

You can even choose to stay in a hotel or resort to take advantage of the amenities. Spa Nalai, for example, is located on the 25th floor of Park Hyatt in Midtown. The spa offers a variety of treatments that are perfect for any time of day.

If you are looking for something more exotic, you may consider the Spa at French Quarter Hotel in New Orleans. This property is home to 20 treatment rooms and a bespoke boutique. Guests can also enjoy pinot-inspired treatments.

In addition to the spa, the property has a fitness center on the 25th floor and laundry services. Day visitors can enjoy eucalyptus-infused steam rooms.

The Spa at French Quarter Hotel was recently renovated to modern elegance. They offer a range of services, including acupuncture and massage. For an added touch, guests can try the Voodoo Ritual Massage. Using absinthe and incense, a massage specialist applies a blend to the body to help with relaxation.

Other services include a cryo facial, a Swedish massage, and a sleep support therapy treatment. Sleep support therapy combines ancient Ayurvedic practices with potent aromatic actives.

Another unique spa offering is the Ali’i Honey Mango Steam Cocoon, a local experience. This treatment uses local products and essential oils.

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