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The Best Spa in Town

best spa in town

The best spa in town is a place where you can unwind and have some fun. It’s also a great place to recoup after a long day of work. Spas in New York City offer a variety of services, from traditional treatments to exotic experiences. You can get all kinds of bodywork, facials and more at these places.

For the most part, New York’s spas are located in hotels. If you don’t have a room, however, you can still have a wonderful experience. Here are some of the most popular spas in the city.

Cornelia Spa at the Surrey is an Upper East Side boutique spa. Previously known as Cornelia Day Resort, this spa offers specialized treatments, including facials and massages. In addition to massages, the Surrey also offers manicures, pedicures and other beauty services.

Another popular spa in NYC is the Oasis Day Spa. This spa is conveniently located in Park Avenue, and it features a wide array of treatments, from facials to deep tissue massage.

While the Gideon Putnam spa may be more well-known for its massages and other bodywork, the spa also offers a number of other amenities, including a sauna and steam room. A fitness center, bar and relaxation rooms complete the experience.

Located in a former mansion, the Spa Castle is a spa that has been offering respite to the people of New York since 2007. This place is more than just a spa. Guests can also enjoy the eight saunas and four traditional baths.

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