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Best Hot Tub for the Ultimate Relaxation Experience

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A trip to NYC is always a great time but, at some point you may need to take some time out for yourself. If making self-care a priority is one of your wellness goals for 2023, there are plenty of spas in the city to help you relax.

Best hot tub for the ultimate relaxation experience

A soaking in a hot tub is often an effective way to relax and ease muscle aches. But the right hot tub for you will depend on your needs and budget. The best brands for a hot tub are those that offer a variety of jets, hydrotherapy features and customization options.

Master Spas is a top-tier brand that offers a wide range of models that are designed to make you feel at home. Their line of high-end spas feature JetPak jets, which use interchangeable nozzles for a variety of massage styles.

Bullfrog is another good hot tub brand that offers a wide range of models. Their ‘Spa on the Go’ models inflate and deflate easily with the included pump and can be stored when not in use.

Shibui is a great choice for a secluded spa experience, with the space framed in wood from a 250-year-old Japanese farmhouse and lanterns lighting up the pool and lounge. The spa’s treatments focus on traditional healing practices, with a range of different massage and treatment plans.

While most spas in New York focus on facials, some are taking a more holistic approach to wellness. A hip-pain-alleviating deep-tissue massage at Oasis Day Spa, for example, might include breathing exercises and meditation. Infrared saunas are also a popular choice amongst those seeking a unique modern-day technique to detoxify the body.

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