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How to Get Paid to Write Spa Reviews

spa reviews

Imagine lounging in a quiet room, covered in a plush spa robe, sipping a cup of calming tea as your mind and body drift into a state of bliss. Next, a massage therapist kneads out all those knots that innate New York City stress and rage tend to cause. Then, you step into a tub of thermal waters and emerge feeling renewed. If this scenario sounds like your idea of relaxation, you’re not alone—and if you happen to be a writer, you can turn those relaxing trips into some serious paychecks writing spa reviews.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the types of publications that run spa-related articles and reviews. Visit a bookstore and peruse various magazines, paying special attention to travel and lifestyle publications that include spa-related stories. Pay special attention to their submission guidelines and editorial calendars as you prepare to contact them.

Once you’ve gotten your bearings, begin to write spa reviews on the sites and publications you identified earlier. Be sure to follow their guidelines regarding how and when to submit your work, including a link to your writing portfolio. If you’re permitted to do so, add some photos of your spa experiences to your article. This can help readers visualize the spa experience and also will often assist you in remembering details of your review when it comes time to compose it. Don’t postpone composing your review, as this can prompt you to skip important aspects of the review or leave them out entirely.

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