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Spa Reviews – Med Spas in 2022

spa reviews

Whether to ease back pain, cleanse your skin or work out the kinks, a day in the spa is a common way to recharge. But do the exotic treatments and luring promises put you at risk? The answer is yes.

The risk of catching germs at a spa is most prominent following the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak on a cruise ship last year, which doctors traced to a heated spa whirlpool bath. But experts say that many hot tubs, saunas and steamy baths pose similar risks of infection from a range of organisms that thrive in warm, wet environments. And any treatment that breaks the skin — including full-body exfoliation or a scrub — creates microscopic tears that could increase the likelihood of picking up an organism.

But that doesn’t mean spas aren’t worth the effort. In fact, these medspa locations topped T+L readers’ 2022 lists for everything from rejuvenating thermal pools to individualized wellness programs. For example, Mexico’s Chable Maroma, which earned top honors for its upscale resort setting and holistic medi-spa, offers three nature-inspired retreats that focus on ocean (purification), tree (balance) or air (transformation).

Other spas offer specialized services, such as the anti-aging and anti-inflammatory mud treatments at Rancho La Puerta in Baja California. And the DNA testing at Lanserhof in the Alps flags a person’s genetic predisposition to serious illnesses, giving them a blueprint for healthy habits. Plus, the neoclassical wedding cake of a hotel in Italy’s rom-com-cute town of Merano has state-of-the-art medical facilities, a full-on detox program and famous fans like tennis ace Roger Federer.

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