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How to Achieve Relaxation at the Spa

spa and relaxation

Achieving relaxation is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity for our mental and physical health. Stress and anxiety are the leading causes of insomnia, and spa treatments like hot tubs can help relieve tension from tense muscles which can lead to better sleep. Taking the time to relax at the spa is also an excellent opportunity to practice mindfulness, which has been proven to reduce stress levels.

At the spa, you’ll typically find a serene environment with soothing music and lighting that is designed to make you feel calm and rested. Create the same feel at home by putting on your favorite relaxing playlist, lighting a scented candle in a calming scent such as lavender or vanilla, and sipping on some warm, soothing tea. Then, wrap up in one of our ultra soft bamboo cotton bath towels or 100% eucalyptus bath sheets for the ultimate spa experience.

It’s also important to keep your phone and computer turned off. This will prevent you from constantly checking emails or social media which will distract you from fully enjoying the relaxation experience.

If you have the option, try to visit the spa on a weekday when it’s quieter (annual leave and childcare allowing). This will allow you to really switch off and focus on enjoying the treatment. Also, avoid visiting during busy times, such as weekends.

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