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An Afternoon at the Spa and Relaxation

Whether you are trying to soothe a sore muscle or get better sleep, there is nothing like an afternoon at the spa and relaxation to help you feel refreshed. In fact, a day at the spa has been shown to improve health and lower stress levels, as well as boost self-esteem and help balance hormone production.

While a trip to the spa is a wonderful way to pamper yourself, you can also get similar benefits at home. A simple hot bath with soothing salts can ease tense muscles, while a few minutes of deep breathing exercises and gentle music can relax the mind. Using a soothing fragrance such as lavender, chamomile or eucalyptus can also enhance the relaxation of the body and mind.

You can even bring the spa experience into your home with a scented candle, relaxing music and calming artwork. Choose soothing watercolor landscapes and photos of nature to set the mood. And don’t forget about the acoustic aspect of the spa: quiet background music, soft voices or natural sounds can make the difference. Avoid loud, high-pitched instruments and driving rhythms.

Try adding some relaxing ambiance to your at-home spa with an LED light projector that emits soft colors and mesmerizing patterns. The BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector shines a galaxy of stars and blue nebula clouds to ease your mind with its soothing, relaxing effects. Adding a few drops of essential oils to your warm bath can also enhance the relaxing aromatherapy experience, and playing some soothing sounds from the natural world can reduce stress and help you sleep better at night.

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