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How Spa Reviews Can Help You Buy a Better Hot Tub

spa reviews

Imagine lounging in a quiet room with soft lighting, on a plush chair, wearing a cozy robe and sipping a cup of calming tea. A spa attendant gently instructs you to follow her into the treatment room where you will be pampered for a couple of hours with a rejuvenating facial, body scrub and massage. Now imagine that you got paid to partake in these top-of-the-line treatments, because that is the life of a spa reviewer. These skilled writers tour spas, sample treatments and write reviews to help casual spa goers make the best decisions about where to spend their hard-earned dollars.

Spas are great for relaxing, but they also provide many health benefits. They help improve the circulatory system, lower blood pressure and even increase bone density. Some studies have found that people who visit a spa regularly experience less stress, better sleep quality and fewer sick days than their non-spa-using counterparts.

If you have chronic low back pain (CLBP), the warm water of a hot tub can alleviate it by improving lumbar mobility and decreasing stiffness and soreness. And for people with arthritis, it can relieve joint inflammation and reduce swelling by reducing fluid retention.

When considering which hot tub to buy, reading first-party reviews posted by real hot-tub owners on manufacturer sites is a smart way to find out what to expect from each model. These heartfelt opinions will help you narrow down your search for the perfect hot tub for your lifestyle and needs.

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