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Finding the Best Relaxing Tips for You and Your Family

Whether you’re dealing with a long to-do list or a pesky teen, finding the best relaxing tips for you and your family can make a world of difference. The key is to find what relaxes you mentally and physically—and not just what someone tells you to do.

For instance, if you find the smell of flowers relaxing, consider using a diffuser to fill your space with lavender, chamomile or sage scents (just don’t use essential oils undiluted). Some people enjoy writing out their stress and worries on paper for an extra release. Others swear by stretching their muscles, especially by doing a few minutes of progressive muscle relaxation, in which they focus on tensing and then relaxing each group of muscles.

Other relaxing activities include breathing deeply, meditating and visualizing calm places, such as a beach or your happy place. Some people find a cold shower, the sound of rain or chewing gum to be calming. Keeping a journal, walking with your dog or doing a hobby like painting or photography also can be relaxing. And for a simple but effective stress reliever, try massaging your hands.

If you’re trying to get your teen to relax, ask for their input and align activities with their interests. For example, if your teen loves science, you might suggest learning about the brain and body or practicing mindfulness. You might also encourage them to try meditation, yoga, art or journaling. And if they love being active, you might offer them a chance to go for a short walk, do some outdoor gardening or play with a fun sensory toy like a glitter jar.

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