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The Best Spa in NYC

The Best spa is more than just a place to soak up a day of relaxation — these wellness retreats offer services that help soothe sore muscles, rejuvenate tired skin and get you ready for the beach weekend or big night out. From an anti-aging facial at a hotel spa to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at a social wellness club, these spas are drawing visitors from far and wide.

From the opulent ‘Aire Ancient Baths’ brand to a luxurious neighborhood spot, NYC has an abundance of spa options that will have you feeling like a queen. Start your day off with a purifying facial or a soothing massage, then move on to the high-tech picks: the ‘Emsculpt’ body contouring treatment or a full-body LED session are just a few of the options at this Brooklyn beauty salon.

Located on Governor’s Island, this stunning spa is a world of its own, featuring Finnish saunas, Himalayan salt rooms, Japanese onsens and Moroccan and Turkish hammams. Guests can explore the world of different bathing cultures while also enjoying a range of spa treatments including massages, acupuncture, detoxifying infusions and even a zero-gravity theatre room experience.

Metamorphosis is an oasis in the middle of bustling Midtown, a calm space where you can forget about your stressed out shoulder muscles for a moment and allow the expertly trained hands of a therapist to knead it all away. They also offer a range of more targeted body treatments and even have a cryotherapy suite.

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