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New York City’s Best Spa

Best spa

New York City may be known as the city that never sleeps but it does know how to slow down and take some time for itself. Whether it’s for an at-home facial or mani-pedi or one of its coveted spa days, NYC has something for every type of wellness-seeker, even those with only two hours to spare.

Newer to the scene but still making waves, this newest luxury spa on Governors Island brings European-style rejuvenation with a New York twist. You start your journey at the Water Lounge which includes a jacuzzi and cold plunge pool before you head into one of their spa treatments. Their integrated circuit treatments follow five different paths of inner and outer body treatment and well-being including a beauty path with facials and massage options, performance healing that includes acupuncture and cryotherapy, temperature therapy where you can try out their ice rooms and infrared saunas, nutrition and brain health which include superfood and meditation.

Then there’s the spa itself which you can explore on your own (each room is uniquely themed and scented) with relaxation lounges, saunas (including a fall in Central Park and skyline sauna), baths and Vichy showers. You can also try out their specialized treatments like the prenatal massage for expecting moms, stone massages and their unique zero-gravity theatre room experience.

If you’re a newbie to the world of hot tubs, this American-based manufacturer offers an array of models with both entry-level options that feature cascading waterfalls and LED lighting as well as more premium choices with a 35-year warranty. They have a healthy mix of three-, five- and six-person models too so there’s sure to be something for everyone’s budget.

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