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Spa and Relaxation For a Healthy Lifestyle

Spa and relaxation are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. From everyday stressors such as meeting deadlines at work, managing a family and keeping up with the latest social events to physical pain due to over-work or injury, taking time to pamper yourself and unwind can make the world of difference.

A good massage is about more than just the physical touch on the body; it’s also a mental journey. The goal of the massage is to help the mind to let go of lingering concerns, worries and anxieties. A well-designed spa experience can assist in this process, from the moment you enter the relaxation room with a glass of water and an aromatic candle to the time your treatment ends.

In fact, many of today’s spas encourage their guests to extend their stay post-treatment for a fuller sense of relaxation. These relaxing extensions can include using the spa’s saunas and showers, soaking in the hot tub and meditating.

To recreate this feeling at home, you can use scented candles and soothing music to create your own spa-like atmosphere. If you have a pool, you can even try floating in the water and stargazing. Meditation is also a great way to relax, and research shows that it increases left frontal lobe activity which enhances feelings of positivity. You can meditate by praying, reciting positive affirmations or just focusing your thoughts on life goals, all from the comfort of your own home spa.

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