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The Best Spas in the World

Best spa

A good spa should be comfortable and relaxing. The environment of a spa should be conducive to healing and should not be too sterile or too overly formal. Depending on your needs, a spa can either be a luxury or a basic facility. Some of the best spas offer a wide variety of treatments. Whether you need a soothing massage, a relaxing facial, or a full body massage, there is a spa in the city that will meet your needs.

Bodywork is an important aspect of any spa. A massage therapist can lean on a number of different techniques and massage your body. For example, a spa therapist can perform a “Restful Retreat” massage which combines a gentle body massage with a scalp and foot massage, aromatherapy, and a warm swaddle.

The Mandarin Oriental Spa offers a wide range of treatments and amenities. Modern amenities combine with ancient traditions to create a spa that meets the needs of modern clients. The spa has an extensive list of treatments, including a special treatment for jet lag sufferers. It also offers a Digital Wellness Escape treatment that eases the tension caused by staring at screens for long hours. Advanced booking is strongly recommended, so as not to miss out on the best treatments.

Shou Sugi: The luxurious Japanese spa opened in the Hamptons in May 2019. The thirteen-room Japanese retreat has received high marks for its ambiance and food program. It offers dozens of bodywork treatments and classes, as well as intuitive painting and sound therapy.

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