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Spa and Relaxation at the Peninsula Hotel

spa and relaxation

Whether you’re a frequent spa guest or looking to relax with a few pampering treatments at home, a calming aroma can help create a peaceful environment. Use candles or incense to diffuse the scent. Keep in mind that competing scents can cause nausea or headaches. Also, avoid playing loud music, as it can distract from the treatment.

Before visiting the spa, avoid eating a heavy meal. You won’t be able to relax if you’re hungry. Instead, bring along a healthy snack. And stay away from coffee, sodas, and energy drinks. These can give you a temporary boost of energy but will only make you uneasy during the procedure.

The spa area is home to a heated indoor/outdoor pool and a sunbathing area. These areas provide a pause in the busy day and allow you to relax in a calm environment. The spa is also known for its signature Blue Corn and Prickly Pear Salt Scrub. The therapists use local herbs and ingredients for these treatments.

Spa treatments at the Peninsula hotel combine ancient Hawaiian therapies with cutting-edge anti-aging technologies. Among the 13 treatment rooms, the spa features acupuncture, guided meditations, and a full mind-body wellness retreat. The Ultimate Cocoon treatment includes 110 minutes in a sea-salt whirlpool, a relaxing neck, face, and scalp massage, foot reflexology, and a full body massage.

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