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Spa Software Guide and Hot Tub Buyers Guide

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Using a Spa Software Guide

The best spa management software provides all the tools a spa needs to streamline appointment booking and marketing and automation features. It also helps keep track of client records, treatment preferences, and payment information for both online and offline transactions.

Get Customer Reviews

It’s important to ask your clients to post reviews of their experiences at your spa, both on your website and on local business listings. This can help you build your reputation and drive business.

Ensure Your Clients’ Safety

Hot tubs are a hot and humid environment, which makes it ideal for bacteria to grow. This is why most spa models use filters to clean the water as well as ozone and UV-C sanitation systems.

Choosing a Hot Tub for Your New Spa

For your first hot tub, we recommend an entry or mid-tier model that is budget-friendly and offers a good basic set of massage jets and water filtration. If you’re a serious hot tub enthusiast, however, we recommend considering more expensive models with premium filtration and water sanitation systems that are built to perform at a higher level.

Find a Perfect Match

With all the different models, options and brands available, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve compiled this buyer’s guide to help you narrow your search. We’ve included features, common industry terms and general buying tips to make it easier for you to find the spa hot tub that’s perfect for your needs.

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