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The Best Spas in New York

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The Best spas in New York

With a bustling and busy city, it can be hard to switch off from your everyday hustle. However, one of the best ways to do this is by taking time out for a relaxing visit to a spa. The best spas in New York provide a range of services and treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Rescue Spa

Located in the Flatiron Shopping District, Rescue Spa provides an urban retreat from reality by focusing on high tech and innovative treatments. The NYC spa offers facials, medi-spa treatments, body sculpting, laser hair removal, and massage and body care.

Skin Spa New York

Founded in 2015, Skin Spa offers a variety of services ranging from med-spa treatments to facials and bodywork to personalized hair removal and makeup. The NYC spa also recently introduced cosmetic injectables including neuromodulators and fillers.

The Well

Whether you’re looking for a hip-pain-alleviating deep-tissue massage or integrative energy sessions, The Well is a spa you’ll want to check out. Located in the residential neighborhood of Gowanus, this intimate spa has a backyard where you can enjoy a rain shower, soak tub and sauna.

PDC Spas

If you’re on the hunt for a hot tub, PDC Spas has a wide selection of models to choose from. These spas come in a variety of sizes, from three to seven people and offer hydrotherapy jet technology, cascading spout water features and LED lighting. In addition to this, they feature patented Fluidix jets that don’t have moving parts which makes them less likely to break down over time and Silent Air Injector jets that add fragrances for aromatherapy.

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