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The Best Spas in NYC

As hectic as our city can be, there are a number of sanctuaries of calmness to help you take a breather and reset. Whether you’re taking a day to yourself solo or going all-out with friends, the following spas are the ultimate destination for relaxation and recovery. From road trip-able destinations that offer one-day packages to far-flung retreats that can extend into seven days, each has an incredible menu of treatments and amenities from which you’ll emerge feeling reborn.

The Ling Chan-helmed beauty sanctuary focuses on Asian skin principles, and is known for its signature facials and the acupuncture treatment called gua sha that helps with pain relief. The soothing spa has a minimalistic aesthetic that’s clean and comfortable—and its clients are fiercely loyal.

Located right across from NYC’s busiest libraries, Joanna Vargas Day Spa is a tranquil escape from the city with a wide range of face and body treatments. Keep it classic with a purifying cleanse or deep tissue massage, or go for the more hi-tech picks like the ‘Emsculpt’ body contouring treatment or the ‘Power Nap’ full-body LED session.

A cult-favorite, this spa is dedicated to holistic skin care and natural therapies with a heavy focus on acupuncture. Owner Iva Sebestyan sources organic products that meet rigorous approval standards, and offers a wide selection of facials—from the popular intensive to the calming rose clay—and deep tissue massages. She also offers a back facial, perfect for breakout-prone skin, and a magnesium massage that promotes a healthy immune system.

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