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How to Write Spa Reviews

spa reviews

From the soothing waters of a hot spring to the pampering touch of a massage, spas promise that we’ll leave feeling relaxed and better about ourselves. But can these experiences really deliver? And are there health risks involved that you should know about?

For example, some psoriasis patients can flare up from being touched during treatments. Others have a reaction to the mud used in some facials. And if the water is too hot, or if the treatment doesn’t actually provide any health benefits, it may do more harm than good.

Another danger of many spa treatments is the risk of disease transmission, especially if attendants don’t wear gloves. “Mildew and other organisms that thrive in hot, moist environments like heated pools and steamy baths can cause infections such as Legionnaire’s disease,” says Marmur. In addition, the fungi that cause nail infections can be spread when manicures and pedicures are done without proper sanitation.

If you’re thinking about becoming a spa review writer, start by reviewing each magazine and website’s submission guidelines and writing samples to see what they’re looking for. Then, write a short cover letter or email explaining your experience with spas and how you think you can help them improve their services. Also, remember to keep track of the magazines and websites you’ve approached so you can follow up if necessary. You should also ask about deadlines for submitting ideas and reviews. Most publications will include their contact information in their submission guidelines.

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