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The Best Relaxing Tips to Help You Relieve Stress and Anxiety

best relaxing tips

When stress and anxiety are running high, it’s important to slow down and take a breather. Relaxation techniques like meditation and breathing exercises can help to relieve mental and physical tension and calm the mind.

Many relaxation techniques can be done on your own, but some may require a teacher or coach to lead you through them. Some techniques might be challenging for people with certain health conditions, such as epilepsy or psychiatric disorders, so talk to your doctor about what relaxation technique might be best for you.

Meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises are some of the most effective, science-backed ways to learn how to relax immediately. They can reduce your stress, anxiety and depression and even lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

Taking a break from technology can also be helpful, even if it’s just for a short time. It can be a simple as shutting off your phone for an hour or setting aside time to unwind without your tech. You can read a book, take a walk or try cooking something new.

Yoga, tai chi and qigong are ancient practices that combine rhythmic breathing with flowing movements to create a soothing feeling. They can also improve balance and flexibility and boost energy. Try to find a practice that feels comfortable and fits your lifestyle.

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