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The Best Spa in Town

best spa in town

In a city that never sleeps it’s important to make time to recharge every once in awhile. These sanctuaries of calm soothe sore muscles, refresh tired skin and give your hair that much-needed boost.

Some offer facilities where you can spend the entire day unwinding (girls’ day anyone?) while others focus on a specific type of treatment like acupuncture or massage therapy, with an emphasis on healing and wellness. Whether you need a facial that revives dull skin or a deep tissue massage to melt away sore neck and back muscles, these experts in their field will provide the best service for your well-being in serene settings you’ll never forget.

The spa at the Equinox offers a huge menu of always-evolving treatments. They’ve got everything from a simple manicure to an advanced facial that incorporates a special laser to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and there are even services that can help you get ready for a beach weekend or big night out by getting your skin in tip-top shape before you head off.

Joanna Vargas Day Spa is the kind of place that makes you want to gather all your best friends together and turn it into an annual girls’ getaway. It’s a fun spa with zero pretence, offering a mix of modern and traditional therapies in a colourful setting that feels calming to hang out in.

Aire Ancient Baths is the opulent NYC spot of this well-known international chain and it’s a must-visit for any serious spa lover. The sprawling spa is full of all sorts of ways to relax from saunas to baths to relaxation rooms.

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