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The Importance of Writing Spa Reviews

Whether you’re looking to buy your first hot tub or add to an existing one, it’s important to take the time to read spa reviews. The best place to start is on manufacturer sites, where you can get a first-hand look at what real customers have to say about their experiences with different models and brands. However, you should also check out travel, lifestyle and even health magazines, as many of them feature spa stories of some kind.

The germy underbelly of the spa

It’s been a while since the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak on a cruise ship, but medical literature still teems with studies indicating that communal pools and other water-related treatments at some spas have the potential to spread the potentially deadly pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ disease. While spas take steps to prevent transmission, such cases are not infrequent.

The best spas know the importance of a good online review and actively seek positive feedback from their clients. While some methods vary by site, a few common ways include sending post-treatment emails that ask for an online review, featuring great reviews on your website and displaying badges or logos from popular review sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor and Google Local.

If you’re interested in writing spa reviews for a publication, begin by researching the magazine or website’s submission guidelines and what kinds of articles they run. Then, write a cover letter or email that explains your experience with spas and some of your best writing samples related to the type of article you’re pitching.

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