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Best Spas in New York City

Best spa

The city that never sleeps might be hard to slow down in, but it’s a thriving metropolis that knows how to balance its fast pace with plenty of ways to relax. From high-end hotel spas to social wellness clubs, here are a few of our favorite places to indulge in a little rest and restoration.

Set inside the prestigious Mandarin Oriental, this luxe destination is a true oasis in the heart of Manhattan. The team here offers a menu of always-evolving treatments from massage to facials, with the option of an integrated circuit treatment that uses five different areas of well-being. Private rooms are perfect for relaxing under the expert hands of a highly trained practitioner while specialty spa suites allow you to relax in one-of-a-kind experiences inspired by ancient traditions and personalised for your needs.

Aire Ancient Baths

Whether you want to cleanse in their river rock sauna, sweat out the toxins in their dry heat room, or experience a power-gun active sports massage this massive spa is worth checking out. The location is part of the Aire Ancient Baths brand which has locations all over the world, but the New York City spot feels extra special. You can get a full day of relaxation in their sweeping bathhouse which includes a beauty circuit (with facials and body treatments), a performance healing circuit with acupuncture options, a temperature therapy circuit with infrared saunas and cryotherapy, an inner health circuit with a variety of nutrition services and a brain health circuit including sleep therapy.

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