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The Best Relaxing Tips For Kids

Feeling stressed out sometimes is normal, but feeling that way all the time can cause mental and physical problems. Fortunately, learning how to relax can help you restore your calm, and it’s important for children as well as adults. It’s also helpful for people with anxiety disorders to learn relaxation techniques they can use on their own or with the help of a counselor.

One of the easiest ways to relax is through deep breathing exercises. Sit in a quiet place and breathe slowly into your abdomen. Then, breath out, feeling your belly rise and fall. Repeat five times or until you start to feel relaxed.

Another way to relax is through a visualization technique called “finding your happy place.” Sit in a comfortable place and imagine a peaceful or calming location. Think about the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and tactile sensations associated with it—for example, the sound of waves lapping on the beach might make you think of a cool drink with ice cubes, the scent of sunscreen and the feel of gritty sand between your toes.

Meditation is a relaxation technique that helps reduce stress and improves concentration. It can be done in a quiet room or even while riding on the bus or train. It can include guided meditation or even just sitting quietly and focusing on your breath. Practicing meditation is a great way to reduce your stress and can be especially beneficial for kids with anxiety.

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