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Spa Reviews – How to Get the Most Out of Your Visit

Whether they’re set in breathtaking natural settings or luxurious resorts, these spas have one thing in common: They provide treatments that truly work. They have the power to soothe, heal and rejuvenate — physically and mentally. And, in fact, studies show that frequent visits to a spa can improve your health and reduce absenteeism from work and hospitalizations.

The Benefits Of A Relaxing Spa Treatment

Getting the most out of your spa visit starts before you ever step foot inside, and that’s where the spa review comes in. Read the reviews from other clients and take note of any positive or negative experiences. It’s also important to consider a spa’s reputation in your area. Look up the spa on local business listings and check out its website to see what others have said about the experience.

For instance, you’ll want to avoid spas that promise “miracle cures” or tout their “innovative technology.” These are a red flag that the spa may not be up to par and may not treat you with honesty.

If you’re interested in becoming a spa writer, try sending out ideas for spa reviews to your favorite magazines or websites. Editors and spa public relations people love to hear from writers with experience and a passion for wellness, so don’t be afraid to reach out and make your pitch. Be sure to include a sample of your work and references. You might also want to join AWAI’s Spa Publicists Network to connect with fellow professionals in the industry.

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