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Spa Reviews – How to Find Out If a Spa is Right For You

spa reviews

A spa can give you more than a great massage – it can help you de-stress. Studies have shown that people who visit spas on a regular basis take fewer sick days and have less stress. However, it’s important to remember that not all spa treatments are beneficial for everyone, and some may actually be harmful. This is why reading spa reviews is essential.

Spas are known for exotic treatment offerings and promises – from body rubs that claim to attack cellulite, to lymphatic massages that promise to cleanse your toxins, and from mud baths that assure you of smoother skin to anti-aging seaweed wraps that promise to soothe your psyche. While these claims may be enticing, they are often unsubstantiated, and some, such as the whirlpool tub that caused the Legionnaire’s disease outbreak aboard a cruise ship, can be dangerous.

To find out if a particular spa is right for you, start by reading first-party spa reviews on the manufacturers’ websites. Then, check out spa-related websites such as Spa Finder and spa industry magazines, which also include spa stories. But don’t stop there – travel, lifestyle and cooking magazines also often include spa articles as well. In addition, consider reading other types of writing samples such as product reviews or interviews with writers, authors and celebrities.

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