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Top 5 Best Spas in NYC

If you’re tired of at-home facials and mani-pedis, it’s time to go beyond a simple splurge and invest in one of the best spas. From a thermal bath experience at an ancient Roman bathhouse to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at a new social wellness club, the city’s offerings are endless. But it’s the city’s unique treatments that keep discerning travelers and locals coming back for more. From jet lag massages and acupuncture to facials with an edge, check out our top picks for the best spa in NYC.

Located right on Governor’s Island, QC NY feels like the perfect NYC escape—just with impeccable views of Manhattan. Their ‘Oxygen Awakening’ facial uses a combination of skin-boosting ingredients and a deep massage, while their ‘Omakase’ bodywork session lets you choose from an array of therapists and therapies. Even though the spa is always busy, design director Courtney Kiersznowski, content strategist Clare Palo and astrologer Alice Bell love that “it’s intimate and relaxing.”

The Spa at Equinox Hotels

Visiting this NYC-based hotel spa could easily be an entire day of pampering. Its five different circuits offer both inner and outer healing: beauty includes all the usual facials and massages, performance healing features acupuncture and a variety of massage options, temperature therapy offers infrared saunas and cryotherapy, nutrition involves wellness drips and brain health includes sleep treatment.

Whether you’re in need of a purifying facial or a detoxifying elixir, celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas’ hidden-away spa is a dream. She’s known for her signature ‘Miracle Broth Facial’ and other detoxifying treatments, but you can also opt for more high-tech picks like the ‘Emsculpt’ (a full-body LED session) or the ‘Power Nap’ (touchless lymphatic drainage).

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