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Writing Spa Reviews

spa reviews

From day spas to weekend and weeklong getaways, a visit to the spa can soothe the soul. Increasingly popular, these indulgences are promoted as healthy ways to relieve stress and relax the body. But do spa treatments deliver on their promises? And are there any health risks involved?

Several studies suggest that a spa treatment can help improve blood pressure. Warm water hydrotherapy, saunas and massage therapy all cause the blood vessels to dilate, which helps lower your blood pressure. Many spa treatments are also detoxifying. A sauna treatment, for example, can help your body eliminate toxins by encouraging sweating. Massages, which stimulate the lymphatic system, can aid in detoxification as well.

Spa treatments can also help reduce pain in the joints, muscles and back. Many sports players and people who spend a lot of time at desk jobs find relief from the physical stresses of their work with regular massages and other spa treatments. Similarly, a spa can help ease the aches and pains of aging with regular facials and body wraps.

If you’re interested in writing spa reviews, the first step is to contact spa publications and ask about their submission policies. Many editors and spa public relations staff are familiar with spas in their area and can point you in the right direction. For practice, you may want to write some fictitious reviews to use as writing samples. For examples, you could write a review of a local spa that you’ve visited on spec and submit it to a publication as a writing sample.

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