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WebMD Investigates the Health Benefits of Spa Reviews

Spas offer an array of exotic treatments and make exotic promises, from body rubs that attack cellulite to mud wraps that soothe your skin. But can these treatments deliver on their promises — and are there health risks? WebMD investigates.

If you’re considering becoming a professional spa reviewer, start by researching publications that publish reviews and reading their submission guidelines. You can usually find the submission guidelines on each publication’s website or in their print version. Once you’ve figured out which publications you want to target, research the different spas and their treatments that fit your interests. Once you’ve done that, write a few spa reviews and send them to your targeted publications for writing practice and as a sample to show them.

Some spa treatments have been shown to promote weight loss, such as a slimming body wrap and the cool sculpting treatment that freezes fat cells. Some studies suggest that hot tubs also help you lose weight by burning calories while you soak.

Many local business listings on the Internet include spa reviews written by customers. You can encourage customers to post reviews by providing a computer or tablet at your spa for them to use. You can also email clients after a visit and ask them to share their experience. Some manufacturers even offer a small incentive, such as entry in a sweepstakes, for customers to post their opinions about their spas. These heartfelt comments can be very helpful to prospective customers.

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