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How to Find the Best Relaxing Tips for Your Family

best relaxing tips

The stressors of life are real, but so is the need for rest. It’s fine to feel stressed out from time to time, but being constantly overworked isn’t healthy for your body or mind. Taking the time to relax can help restore passion and joy into your life. But it’s a challenge for many people to actually make the time to get a little R&R in their lives. For some, it’s not easy to distinguish between “relaxation” and “downtime” activities that might not actually be restful at all, like scrolling social media for hours or binging a season of their favorite series.

But don’t let your frustration with what you think relaxation should look like hold you back from trying to relax more often. Instead, start small and work up to the things that truly do relax you. This might mean scheduling an unbreakable appointment with yourself for a walk in nature, a luxurious bath with a book and a glass of wine, or even just rewatching your favorite rom-coms.

Even kids need helpful ways to decompress. Introducing them to coping skills and relaxation techniques early on can give them the tools they need to stay resilient in the face of everyday challenges. Keep in mind, though, that kids have different interests than adults, so make sure to align their activities with their strengths and preferences. For example, if your teen doesn’t want to meditate, try a different activity that might appeal to them, like playing funny age-appropriate videos or engaging in lighthearted laughter sessions.

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