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How Spa Reviews Can Help You Make an Informed Purchase

spa reviews

A trip to the spa is often the ultimate pampering experience. You relax in a soft, plush robe while sipping a cup of herbal tea and the massage therapist eases tension from your back, neck, shoulders and hands. Then you’re moved to the cold plunge pool where the icy water can help release endorphins, increase circulation and reduce swelling in your joints and muscles.

Whether you’re planning your next spa day or considering buying a home hot tub, reading spa reviews can help you make an informed purchase. A good place to start is with first-party spa owner reviews on manufacturer sites. These heartfelt opinions can be extremely helpful, especially if you are considering a specific model. A review about the quality of a particular Hot Spring jet system, for example, can confirm that it’s well-suited to a particular lifestyle or region. It can also point you to a reputable dealer in the area.

In addition to reading spa-related articles in online and print publications, it’s a good idea to read spa reviews from various sources. This can help you learn how different publications structure their reviews and get a feel for the lingo used by spa reviewers. It can also be useful for writing practice, as you may eventually want to pitch your spa review ideas to editors at magazines and websites.

For more on how to approach publishers with your spa-related article ideas, check out AWAI’s article How To Write Spa Reviews.

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