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Best NYC Spas

Best spa

Whether you’re looking for the best spa to help relieve stress or simply want to spend some time pampering yourself, these New York City spots are the perfect way to relax. From luxurious massages to innovative facials, there’s something for everyone at these top NYC spas.

At this holistic spa, you’ll find treatments that blend traditional Eastern medicine with modern Western techniques. The results are nothing short of extraordinary. In addition to their standard options (like a facelift-enhancing facial with peptides and microdermabrasion), you can add on special therapies like acupressure or energy healing sessions.

You’ll find Aire Ancient Baths locations all over the world, but the New York location is especially decadent. The sweeping, mystical bathhouse has separate clothing-optional men’s and women’s sections along with a huge selection of pools, saunas, and massage treatments. This is the kind of spa where you’ll make sure to set aside a whole day to experience everything it has to offer.

Acupuncturists are experts at assessing the root cause of your pain or discomfort and using their skills to treat it. At ORA, which is dedicated to the practice, they take a holistic approach and incorporate elements like breathing exercises into their sessions.

You’ll feel right at home in this spacious and elegant spa, located inside the Greenwich Hotel. The warm scents, gentle music, and calming lighting will transport you to another world. Plus, the spa is committed to sustainable and organic practices.

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