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The Best Spas in Town

If a life of claustrophobic subway rides, crammed grocery stores, and suffocating city streets is taking its toll on your health (and your mood), a day at the spa might be just what you need. The best spas in town offer sanctuaries of calmness that can restore your zen. These relaxing oases are perfect for getting your skin glowing, unwinding those achy muscles, and soothing those tired eyes.

Located inside the famed Plaza Hotel, this spa is like a home away from home. They have a wide variety of massages to soothe the body, as well as treatments like facials and their signature black orchid face mask. If you’re feeling extra splurge-y, you can add on a waxing service or have your makeup done by one of their experts.

This unique NYC spa is a must-visit. Their integrated circuit treatments are based on the 5 elements of holistic wellness: Beauty which includes facials and body treatments, Performance healing which includes acupuncture and massage options, Temperature therapy with their infrared saunas and cryotherapy, Nutrition that offers superfoods and brain health, and finally Breathe which is their relaxation and meditation room.

You can book a massage, body treatment or the coveted ‘Omakase Ritual’ that allows you access to their backyard spa complete with soaking tubs, saunas, and pools. It’s almost as magical as the actual castle they’re housed in, and it’s sure to wash your stress down the drain.

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